The following is the intended reading order by authors Krista and Becca Ritchie:

  1. Addicted to You (Lily and Loren)
  2. Ricochet (Lily and Loren)
  3. Addicted for Now (Lily and Loren)
  4. Kiss the Sky (Rose and Connor)
  5. Hothouse Flower (Daisy and Ryke)
  6. Thrive (Lily and Loren)
  7. Addicted After All (Lily and Loren)
  8. Fuel the Fire (Rose and Connor)
  9. Long Way Down (Daisy and Ryke)
  10. Some Kind of Perfect (epilogue novel with all six POVs)

However, if you prefer to just read the Calloway Sisters series, this is the way to read it:

  1. Kiss the Sky (Rose and Connor book)
  2. Hothouse Flower (Daisy and Ryke book)
  3. Fuel the Fire (Rose and Connor book)
  4. Long Way Down (Daisy and Ryke book)
  5. Some Kind of Perfect (epilogue novel with all six POVs)

If you only want to read only about Lily and Loren's journey (Addicted series), this is the order you should follow:

  1. Addicted to You
  2. Ricochet (optional novella)
  3. Addicted for Now
  4. Thrive
  5. Addicted After All
  6. Some Kind of Perfect (epilogue novel with all six POVs)

Whatever It Takes and Like Us series Edit

Krista and Becca Ritchie's website states "you don't have to read the Addicted series prior to reading Whatever It Takes." However, the story takes place during the same timeline as Addicted After All.

The Like Us series takes place twenty years after Long Way Down and ten years after the ending of Some Kind of Perfect. The reading order is much simpler.

  1. Damaged Like Us (Maximoff and Farrow)
  2. Lovers Like Us (Maximoff and Farrow)
  3. Alphas Like Us (Maximoff and Farrow)
  4. Tangled Like Us (Jane and Thatcher)
  5. Sinful Like Us (Jane and Thatcher) (to be released)