Lily Hale (née Calloway) is the third Calloway sister and a sex addict. There are five books in the Addicted series that follow her character arc: Addicted to You, Ricochet, Addicted for Now, Thrive and Addicted After All.

In the Addicted series Edit

Before Addicted to You Edit

Lo and I could have been friends or enemies. We always saw each other. At boring conference waiting rooms. In offices. At charity galas. In prep school. Now college.

Addicted to You, Chapter 2

When Lily was five years old, she was too timid and shy to say the Pledge of Allegiance in kindergarten.

In her senior year of high school, Lily started fake-dating her best friend Loren Hale.

Addicted to You Edit

I don't want to be fixed. I just want to live and feed my appetite. It just so happens that my appetite is a sexual one.

Addicted to You, Chapter 1

The readers are introduced to a twenty-year-old Lily as she's waking up from a one-night-stand at the Kappa Phi Delta fraternity. She doesn't regret the sex itself but regrets that she went to a frat party. However, she does admit she has a problem with telling people no.

She's pretending to date her alcoholic best friend Loren Hale so she can further isolate herself from her family. He picks her up from the frat house.

Lily's older sister Rose comes over to her and Loren's apartment and drags her into the weekly family luncheon. There, Lily's three sisters think she's pregnant because of her abstinence from alcohol.

A few weeks later, Lily is being tutored by Connor Cobalt so she can pass her economics class at the University of Pennsylvania. She admits to Connor that she only chose him as her tutor because he had the coolest name out of those listed.

Later, both Lily and Lo get tricked into going to the Bahamas on the family yacht by Lily's fifteen-year-old sister Daisy. On the yacht, Lily nearly hooks up with a bartender on board and instead has sex with Loren for the first time since adolescence. They agree to become an actual couple.

Halloween and Loren's birthday comes around and Lily dresses as X-23. Her, Loren and Connor go to a costume party being held by a guy named Matt and Loren drinks $40,000 worth of alcohol. He gets caught by Matt and Lily lies that she'll reimburse the money but she'll need to get her chequebook out of Connor's limousine.

A man dressed as Green Arrow tells Matt that there's an incident happening in the basement but he'll follow Lily and Connor to make sure they get the chequebook. Once they get back to the limo, the man dressed as Green Arrow introduces himself as Ryke. Matt and his friends start running towards them and Lily yells at Connor's driver Gilligan to drive away.

At this point, Loren has passed out on one of the limo's seats and is cradling his bourbon-filled flask like a baby. Ryke takes the flask out of his arms and pours it out of the window much to Lily's offence.

Ryke inserts himself into Lily's life by telling her he's writing an article for The Philadelphia Chronicle about Comic-Con and wants quotes from Loren. She quickly figures out that he's lying about the article.

Lily has more one-night-stands and Loren starts a sexual relationship with a woman named Cassie. That week, Lily goes through a blur of sex with strangers to the point that she didn't even know what the day was.

Rose is holding a fashion show for her fashion label Calloway Couture when Lily can't handle her cravings and goes to the bathroom to have sex with Lo. Afterwards, she still has cravings and she leaves before the show starts to have sex with Lo again.

Ryke keeps confronting Lily about Loren's dependence on alcohol and because of that Lily and Ryke don't get along.

In December, Lily, Loren, Ryke and Connor go to a dance club and Loren gets drunk at the bar. Lily dances with Connor and dances with a stranger. She fantasises that the stranger feels her up and gropes her and it turns out that the stranger's actually doing that when Connor pulls her away.

In the bathroom, Lily gets followed by the stranger who starts trying to undress her. She shouts 'no' and 'stop' but the stranger doesn't stop trying to rape her. Ryke comes into the bathroom and pulls the stranger off her. The four of them leave and go back to the Drake.

Connor texts Rose to come over and Lily finally tells Rose about her sex addiction and Loren's alcoholism. Lily makes no change to her addictive behaviours.

Lily goes to the Fizzle and Hale Co.-sponsored Christmas Charity Gala with Loren, Connor, Rose and Ryke. Lily and Loren miss the reception because they book a hotel room to have sex in when Lily gets cravings.

The book ends with Loren going to rehab.

Physical appearance Edit

Your elbows are blushing. You're like Violet from Willy Wonka, only you ate a magic cherry.

Loren to Lily, Addicted to You

In Addicted to You, Lily's figure is described as emaciated, gaunt, and skeletal. She blushes intensely tomato-red with rash-like patches along her neck and arms as if she's "allergic to embarrassment."

Official playlistEdit

Krista and Becca Ritchie have an official playlist for Lily Calloway on Spotify. It's currently comprised of 5 songs.

  1. Habits (Stay High) by Tove Lo
  2. Same Mistakes by The Echo-Friendly
  3. Lose Your Soul by Dead Man's Bones
  4. Gloria - LP Single Version by Laura Branigan
  5. Say My Name by ODESZA, Zyra

Did you know... Edit

  • ...that her favorite food is a bagel from Lucky's?
  • ...that her middle name Martha is her grandmother's name?
  • ...that her mother nearly named her Pansy?